Joshua Bellis on improving DE&I through skill-based talent decisions

Joshua Bellis joins Ligia and Jason on The New Talent Code to share how and why he found his specialization as a diversity and inclusion practitioner and which processes, systems, and mindsets organizations need in order for their diversity programs to actually be successful. He shares how his unique experience with a variety of organizations has shaped his approach to DEI, and he dives into the practical advice on how to integrate DEI beyond acquisition into talent management.

Josh is a Global TA Programs Lead and Head of America’s Recruitment at PTC, a global technology company with over 6,000 employees in 30 countries. He has worked with major brands like Nasdaq and Fox News and, in his free time, lectures at Columbia University.

To begin, Josh shares how he initially became interested in HR, recruitment, and DE&I. As a minority adopted into a white family, the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion has always been prevalent in his life and family discussions. Then, he shares how he helps organizations address DE&I at scale. As this topic has become somewhat of a buzzword, employees want to see their companies take action in the areas they claim to care about. It’s about shifting culture within the entire company down to every individual employee. Josh encourages organizations to take a step back from recruiting in order to build a hiring process and understand the market they’re operating in and the levers they have available.

Today, the culture shift is affecting every organization – from startups to the largest companies in the country. Managers and leaders are being trained to be open to feedback from all directions. Leaders must start fostering an environment in which employees can share their ideas openly without fear of retaliation. Josh touches on two levers we can lean into in the new world of work. First is decentralizing DE&I and rethinking the traditional DE&I groups. The second is to rethink DE&I out of a strictly social idea, but rather making them into employee resource groups advancing company culture. He addresses the maturity curve of these efforts and how awareness is always the first step. Finally, Josh shares the advantage of the shifting hiring requirements.

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