How banks can become future ready

Digital trends are reshaping banking, and banks need to transform fast to compete.

Disruption may be an overused term, but it certainly is appropriate for financial services. And it’s leaving banks in a quandary. In many cases, banks’ workforces were designed for a world where people walked into bank branches to make a deposit or withdrawal.

Now, consumers are likely to head to the cloud to make an instant payment on their mobile phones. To compete, banks need to rethink talent and transform, and do so quickly. Banks need to become tech companies that provide banking services essentially.

Find in this report:

  • The digital trends that have been reshaping the banking industry
  • The need to transform fast to compete and remain relevant
  • How many banks do not have a future-ready workforce while FinTechs continue to embody a digital-first strategy
  • Three solutions to speed-up digital transformations: upskilling/reskilling the existing workforce, calibrating roles with future skills, and hiring for potential

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