Talent Acquisition

Hire for Potential with Deep Learning AI

Eightfold® Talent Acquisition delivers diverse talent and hidden gems who have the skills to succeed in any role.

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AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform™

Discover the complete source-to-hire solution

Eightfold Talent Acquisition solves hiring with deep learning AI:
AI Recruiting

Transform recruiters into talent advisors

Every organization needs to hire top talent, increase diversity, offer a compelling candidate experience, and do it all efficiently. Eightfold provides a complete solution from requisition to offer, reducing time-to-fill and delivering positive ROI within months.
TA Efficiency

Fill roles faster with qualified candidates

Eightfold empowers enterprises to hire candidates with the right skills and the ability to learn. Fill roles faster and at lower cost with talent rediscovery, efficient screening, personalized CRM, and much more. That’s hiring for potential with AI.

Candidate Experience

Deliver a candidate experience that attracts top talent

Eightfold’s candidate experience instantly shows each candidate the right jobs based on skills, boosting the number of highly qualified and diverse applicants.

Diversity Analytics
Hiring for Potential

Make an impact on diversity

Screen candidates anonymously and deploy real-time diversity analytics to prevent bias, measure equity efforts, and increase hiring of diverse talent.
Talent Transformation

Improve recruiting with transparency and trust

Recruiters and managers enjoy a common platform for talent decisions, with consistent processes and standardized metrics that align business needs with day-to-day activities.
Talent Intelligence

Deploy a single AI-powered talent solution

Eightfold Talent Acquisition is your enterprise solution for global recruiting excellence, from requisition to hire. Now you can hire for individual potential, remove bias, and eliminate the need for point solutions and high-cost sourcing.
79% of applicants at Dexcom found application process very easy
47% of all new hires at Activision were made through the process of talent rediscovery