Talent Management

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Talent Management
Eightfold Transforms Upskilling and Reskilling with Career Hub

An AI-powered, Employee-centric Solution that Aligns Employee Growth with Business Strategy.

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Drive talent management with deep-learning AI.

 The Talent Intelligence Platform addresses every aspect of talent management:
internal mobility, talent mentoring, projects and gigs, succession planning, career planning and talent redeployment.

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Career Planner
A career coach for every employee, whenever they want it

47% of top talent leave within 2 years, but most would happily stay if given the right opportunity. Show employees how to gain skills for their future careers.

Career Planner

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Internal Mobility
Enable employees to find and apply for jobs with the Eightfold Talent Management Software

AI finds the best-fit options for everyone, increasing employee retention. Your best talent will stay and advance in your organization.

Internal Mobility

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Employee Profiles
Employees create profiles that serve as a portal to their career growth

Profiles allow employees to match their skills to jobs open internally, as well as to cross functional projects.

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Succession Planning
AI finds successors for any role, not just the C-suite

Motivate employees with real, personalized growth.

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Smart Referrals
AI-powered referrals direct everyone to the right open job

Get the most out of your employees’ networks.

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Talent Redeployment
Avoid outplacement with retention options for affected employees

Reducing layoffs benefits everyone, and it’s the right thing to do.

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Project Marketplace

Empower your employees to find internal projects that fit their skills, goals, and availability.

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Positions Filled per Recruiter

UIPath increased by 50% the number of positions filled per recruiter per quarter

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Increased the Hiring of Women

Tata Communications increased the hiring of women 19% with Eightfold

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Increased Campaign Open Rate

Nutanix increased its open rate for targeted campaigns by 70%


Ashish Mediratta Tata Communications - Talent Management

“We are thrilled to have launched these services for our employees, and the response we are getting from them is truly heartwarming.”
– Ashish Mediratta, Former Associate Vice President HR & Head, Global Talent Acquisition at Tata Communications Ltd

Talent Intelligence

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

Talent Acquisition

Use AI recruiting to improve efficiency from source-to-offer

Talent Diversity

Reveal and remove bias and improve diversity

Talent Management

Retain top talent by guiding employees to the next step in their career

Talent Experience

Attract the right candidates with a relevant and personalized experience