5 Cultivate sessions i’m looking forward to

Speakers from Nationwide, Prudential, Dexcom, SAP, NetApp, and Chevron discuss candidate experience, diversity, hiring for potential, privacy, and the use of AI in talent management.

5 Cultivate sessions i’m looking forward to

Let’s get future ready! That’s the theme of the upcoming Cultivate conference. Eightfold’s two-day event covers a wide array of topics to help talent professionals in both the private and public sector prepare for the future of work. We’ll cover topics like the candidate experience, diversity, hiring for potential, privacy, and the use of artificial intelligence in talent management. Speakers come from companies like Nationwide, Prudential, Dexcom, SAP, NetApp, and Chevron, as well as the keynote from Josh Bersin.

It’s hard to choose, but here’s just a sample of the many sessions I’m looking forward to most August 10th and 11th. Meanwhile, if you’d like to sign up for Cultivate, register here.

Rethinking the 4-yr College Degree to Unlock Potential. In case you missed it, we’re working with a group called OneTen.org on its mission to “hire, upskill, reskill, and promote one million Black individuals without four-year degrees into family-sustaining careers over the next 10 years.” This panel’s our chance to hear from OneTen, a new organization led by Ken Chenault, former American Express CEO, and Ken Frazier, Merck CEO.

A Better, More Inclusive Future of Work. Everyone reading this has heard the term “artificial intelligence” bandied about at will throughout the talent field. But why should we believe the hype today? How can we know if AI negatively or positively affects enterprises, employees, and candidates? In a fireside chat, Jolen Anderson, Global Head of Human Resources at BNY Mellon, speaks with Michael Ross, former CHRO of Visa, on the potential of AI to promote inclusion. Jolen is passionate about DE&I issues and with Michael co-authored a white paper on how AI can promote inclusion.

A True Understanding of Current and Future Workforce Needs. Hire for skills. Move people internally based on their skills, not connections. You’ve heard those lines before, but in this panel it’ll be nice to hear from the trenches how this approach is actually happening. The discussion features Medtronic and BNY Mellon talking about how they are using a skills-based approach to identify, reallocate, and redeploy their talent.

One World, One Talent Acquisition Approach: How to Reinvent Recruiting in a Global Organization. Cher Whee Sim, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition and Talent Mobility at Micron Technology, shares her perspective on managing the talent of 40,000 employees in 17 countries. (To whet your appetite, here’s a little more on Micron’s talent management.)

Veterans and Spouses: Untapped Talent Pipeline. Military skills translators are OK, but haven’t solved the challenge of veteran hiring. This is a good chance to hear what the next generation of hiring looks like for veterans and how AI can help service personnel and family members better understand their potential and opportunities as they transition into the civilian jobs market.

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