Guest post: Using AI-powered talent intelligence to empower our clients’ workforce planning

As a leading recruiter in Silicon Valley, Coit Group relies on AI-powered talent intelligence to help today’s top tech companies find the talent with the skills they need.

Guest post: Using AI-powered talent intelligence to empower our clients’ workforce planning

In talent acquisition and management, we all want to hire, retain, and promote the best people possible. As simple as this sounds, this can be complicated and unsustainable when you don’t have the specialized expertise, time, or data that you need to effectively execute your talent and business priorities. 

Fortunately, AI-powered talent intelligence can reduce the heavy lifting. With the help of technology, you can close gaps, eliminate guesswork, and automate time-intensive tasks, so you can focus on the work that really matters — matching people to the best roles possible. With talent intelligence, it’s now easier than ever to strategically hire and create more successful career paths that benefit your employees and your business. 

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Why talent intelligence and data matters 

When you hear talent intelligence, it’s usually referring to the mix of automated data, analytics, and insights that help talent and business leaders better understand and manage their workforces. It also helps leaders align HR and workforce goals to support overall business objectives. 

Not so long ago, capturing, collecting, extracting, and applying talent insights wasn’t easy — or fast. Most talent teams were bogged down with doing this manually. With today’s talent intelligence, you can reveal actionable insights in a few clicks. With the power of AI to collect, sort, store, and surface the data you need — especially skills intelligence — you can go from piecemeal approaches prone to missing details to a holistic process that embraces the complete talent picture.

“Talent intelligence is becoming commonplace. If you’re not using talent intelligence, you are missing opportunities. It’s going to be table stakes.” Tim Farrelly, Co-CEO at Coit Group

Recruiting at the epicenter of tech and innovation 

As a tech recruiting firm based in San Francisco, Coit Group has a bit of a head start. We’re neighbors to many of the most groundbreaking and influential tech companies in the world, so we often see new technologies well in advance of the industry.

Operating at the epicenter of tech and innovation, we can’t help but bring on the latest and greatest ideas and platforms to give our clients a competitive edge. They depend on us to have the most advanced technologies. Whether we’re working with startups, midsize companies, or enterprise-level organizations, we provide these tools as part of our robust tech stack. 

How we use talent intelligence at Coit Group 

At Coit Group, we use Eightfold to help our clients unearth impactful answers across their talent ecosystems. These fall into many different buckets, including:  

  • Market insights: Understanding the talent marketplace 
  • Competitive analysis: Gaining insights into how competitors are attracting and retaining talent, what benefits they’re offering, and how their organization and employer brand compare to their competitors 
  • Predictive analytics: Forecasting future talent needs and predicting turnover 
  • Skills gap analysis: Surfacing the skills that organizations have and need, and creating talent strategies to close the gaps 
  • Leadership identification: Identifying potential and future leaders to simplify promotions, reskilling and upskilling 
  • DEI: Creating a more diverse pipeline and a more inclusive work environment 

As an early adopter of Eightfold, we saw its promise and haven’t looked back. AI-powered talent intelligence has become invaluable across our service offerings, spanning recruiting on demand, executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, and hiring brand enhancement

Real-world examples to accomplish your talent goals 

As with many new technologies, it’s hard to fully understand the power and potential of AI-powered talent intelligence until you’re using it to solve business challenges. Here are just a few real-world examples of how we use Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform to accomplish client goals:  

  • Building a diverse and equitable workforce: When we meet with talent leaders and managers, their desire to create an equitable workforce makes requirements even more complex. Eightfold uses an incredible AI-driven data model to help organizations surface candidates across their entire databases, including applicants, past applicants, former talent, contract workers, and more, so no one is missed. 
  • Finding the ideal candidate: Beyond its incredible profile-inference capabilities, Eightfold’s AI screens candidates for must-have skills, surfacing the strongest matches first. This is especially useful to prioritize candidates as the volume of applicants grows. 
  • Improving candidate outreach and engagement: Another great feature within the Eightfold platform is the campaign outreach functionality. Recruiters can create incredible engagement campaigns for specific roles or develop employer branding exercises within an existing database of candidates. 
  • Keeping data clean and current: One of the most important integrations for us at Coit Group is with LinkedIn, updating organizations’ candidate databases quarterly so information is always up to date. 

Embracing a brave new world together 

Data and AI continue to transform the world around us as platforms take off and become more sophisticated and accessible. In the past, AI-powered talent intelligence platforms were considered nice-to-haves and used primarily by cutting-edge staffing firms. 

Today, talent intelligence is becoming increasingly mainstream as it’s really a single platform that can do it all, including widening your talent pool, driving employee engagement and retention, and even improving career pathing and succession planning

Given the amount of data available and the speed at which AI works, it only makes sense to harness the power of AI-driven talent intelligence in your HR tech stack. We know we do.  

Guest post: Using AI-powered talent intelligence to empower our clients’ workforce planning
Tim Farrelly, Co-CEO, Coit Group

Tim Farrelly is a passionate, hands-on leader who has worked with many of the world’s most admired entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and talent over the past 20 years. At Coit, Tim leads operations for an organization of more than 100 team members located in six hubs throughout the United States and Canada. He is proud to have helped build many of the top 1% teams and companies that have shaped technology and life as we know it today.

Coit Group, a Hudson RPO company, opened its doors in 2000 in a small garage in San Francisco. Since then, bold thinking and an unwavering spirit have been core to the company and its culture. Coit has built some of tech’s most beloved brands for more than 20 years, while also disrupting how recruiting is done worldwide. We’ve done this with our proprietary Method by Coit℠ and game-changing tech stack. Learn more about how Coit is fueling the future of technology. 

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