CEO of Reveals the Importance of Hiring for Potential


Ashutosh Garg, CEO and Co-Founder of tells his story and what hiring for potential means to him. Ashutosh talks about the mission of, how AI can help hiring managers find the right people with great potential, and how EIghtfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform(TM) helps businesses succeed and propel ahead of competition and industry.

Transforming the Talent Management Process


Kamal Ahluwalia, President of Eightfold, discusses the unique solution that Eightfold brings to the talent management industry by providing depth in search, recommendation, and personalization. He reveals key metrics for success: time to hire, cost of hire, and quality of hire. Watch to learn more for ensuring your own growth plan.

Investing in


Ashu Garg, General Founder from Foundation Capital, describes the investment opportunity in as they apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to the human resource industry. Eightfold inspires trust, accountability, and leadership while providing a transformative solution for recruiting, managing and developing talent.