Talent Acquisition

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Talent Acquisition
Are you going to qualify these 5,000 candidates?

Eightfold’s AI powered Talent Acquisition Software enables you to review millions of profiles from your talent pool in seconds.

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We’ll talk to the data, you talk to the candidates
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Talent Acquisition
Source, calibrate & hire candidates with AI

Eightfold’s AI power finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential, identifying great people often missed by legacy keyword-based screening. Find more information about Eightfold’s Talent Acquisition Software.

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Cut talent acquisition time 90% by reviewing millions of profiles with AI

The Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by AI, instantly reviews millions of candidate profiles using dozens of criteria. In seconds, you receive an Instant Ranked Pipeline of qualified individuals.

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Instant Pipeline
All the talent you need within a few seconds

Screen candidates automatically and receive Instant Ranked Pipelines of talent, overcoming the inadequacies of keyword-based searches.

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Ideal Candidates
Make it easy for hiring managers to define job requirements

Immediately find candidates with the same ability to succeed as your best people.

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Job Calibration
Select relevant capabilities and experiences to find the best match

Find the people with the right skills for any job from millions of profiles.

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Improvement in candidate relevance

Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their capabilities

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Faster time to candidate interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all your open roles

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Reduction in regrettable attrition

Uncover and engage at-risk employees to avoid attrition

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Reduction in cost to actually hire

Use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested candidates in your talent network

Henry Jones - Talent Acquisition

“Through our partnership with Eightfold, we will leverage AI to provide a more engaging candidate experience.”
– Henry Jones, Director of Talent Acquisition, Conagra Brands

Talent Intelligence

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Talent Acquisition

Source, engage & hire for every role with one global solution

Talent Diversity

Reveal & remove the sources of bias and accelerate your diversity imperative

Talent Management

Reward employees with career paths, not just a job

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Attracts top candidates with a transparent & personalized experience