Recruit and Retain a Diverse Workforce With Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform™ is the most effective solution for organizations to find, engage and retain a diverse staff. This data sheet provides an overview of this Platform, powered by artificial intelligence, including key features. Organizations using the Talent Intelligence Platform quickly achieve improved candidate response, faster hiring cycles, reduced attrition, lower cost-to-hire, greater diversity & inclusion, and other valuable outcomes.

Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform: AI for Diversity and Inclusion

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform is the first AI suite built specifically for talent.

The world of work has changed dramatically in just a few years. Executives and other leaders turn to the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform to navigate this new world. Powered by patented deep learning AI and the world’s largest talent data set, Eightfold puts skills first to unleash the full potential of all talent – employees, candidates, contractors, and citizens. 

Eightfold's algorithm utilizes AI for diversity and inclusion

The Talent Intelligence Platform allows employees and managers alike to make decisions based on individual and team goals and potential – and without bias. All recommendations use Equal Opportunity Algorithms to mitigate bias, and AI features enable organizations to pursue their DE&I goals with choice and transparency.

Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform is a diverse AI recruitment tool, and includes:

Talent Acquisition

 Hire for all roles with a single source-to-offer solution that attracts more qualified talent and closes candidates faster. Includes talent rediscovery, candidate relationship management, sourcing, screening, event recruiting, scheduling, and more – all optimized with AI.


Talent Management

Unlock the full potential of each employee with a personalized Career Hub and planning tools that grow and retain top performers. Each employee can discover projects, mentors, jobs, and courses to pursue their unique goals.


Talent Flex

Rapidly staff the right contingent labor based on skills and availability, with direct sourcing and redeployment capabilities built in.


Workforce Exchange

Speed up reemployment with an AI-powered career center that enables public agencies to offer skill-based work opportunities, benefiting employers and citizens.


Job Intelligence Engine

Improve talent decisions with automatic recommendations to update job roles based on skills and market trends.


ATS, HRIS, and LMS Integration

The Talent Intelligence Platform integrates bi-directionally with existing HR systems of record.


Global Compliance 

Meets strict global standards for privacy, security, and accessibility. Used in more than 145 countries and 19 languages.


Patented Technology

Only Eightfold can offer the Talent Intelligence Platform built with deep learning AI to deliver the next generation of talent transformation.


A Single AI Platform for All Talent

Eightfold Talent Intelligence delivers speed and efficiency for all hiring and retention processes,
providing a diverse AI recruitment tool that recruiters, managers, employees, candidates, and leaders will love. It is a purpose-built, deep-learning artificial intelligence technology that is powered by an ever-refreshing global data set of billions of talent data points and over 1.4M unique skills.

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