The New Talent Code: How to attract and retain top talent

HR and TA leaders have the power to do things differently, and with the current challenges in the talent space today they have to look for every advantage they can get. Economic concerns, labor shortages, and other disruptions make legacy processes and systems out of date with today’s demands. That means people leaders need an entirely new approach—or a new talent code—to acquire, hire, and retain top talent.

Join Jaime Nielsen, Chief People Officer at Trimble, Tiffany Toussaint, Director of Talent Acquisition at Mortenson Construction, and Rebecca Warren, Director of Customer Success at Eightfold AI, as they discuss what it means to embrace a new talent code that enables TA and HR leaders to unlock the potential of their people and their organization.

This webinar will cover:

  • Overcoming challenges with matching talent to openings and employee retention
  • Creating a personalized, consistent candidate experience
  • Improving retention through upskilling, reskilling, and education
  • Driving efficiencies in the talent acquisition processes
  • Incorporating change management principles (continually and consistently) while working with hiring leaders
  •  Reinventing talent management and internal mobility strategies

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