That’s a wrap: Our top resources of 2022

Our team has compiled the best articles, reports, and videos on talent acquisition, management as you prepare for the new year.

That’s a wrap: Our top resources of 2022

As we wrap up 2022, it’s clear that this year’s events have significantly impacted HR and business leaders and their employees. From hiring freezes and layoffs to significant tech advancements, talent professionals across every industry have been thrown into the driver’s seat as they navigate a constantly shifting landscape and its staffing implications.

Our team has published various resources, reports, articles, and podcasts throughout the year, offering insights and practical advice for talent professionals navigating the year’s challenges. Whether you’re an HR professional looking for guidance on upskilling amid a turbulent economy or you’re simply interested in staying abreast of industry news, you won’t want to miss these top resources. Here are some highlights from 2022:

How DICK’S Sporting Goods is elevating its skills game

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report found that 50 percent of the workforce will need to be reskilled or upskilled by 2025 due to new technology and increased automation. Most CEOs surveyed (77%) said potential skills shortages might impact future growth. 

Learn how leaders from DICK’S are putting skills at the center of talent decision-making. The sports retailer recognizes that skills are a driving force to adapt to changing circumstances. In addition to analyzing the skills in-house, DICK’S leaders share practical tips for tackling change management as part of the transition to skills-based employment. 

Josh Bersin’s Global Workforce Intelligence Project

Global HR industry research analyst and adviser Josh Bersin launched his company’s Global Workforce Intelligence Project, which uses data from Eightfold’s AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform to deliver insights. In this webinar, he explains how companies can use data and workforce intelligence to hire, develop, and plan their teams. Bersin said organizations must begin to look at new approaches as digital disruption has transformed industries so much that it will be nearly impossible to recruit all the talent they’ll need to fill critical skills gaps. 

Vodafone and BNY Mellon executives joined Bersin to discuss how global organizations can better understand and adapt to urgent workforce issues. They also discussed the importance of redesigning jobs, roles, and organizations for success rather than just reskilling employees.

Talent Insights: The semiconductor industry

The Wall Street Journal reported that chip makers face a labor shortage citing research from Eightfold Talent Insights. Our research revealed that 70,000 to 90,000 fabrication workers would be needed to manage the growing demand for chips in the coming years. 

As a result, hiring for potential has never been more important. Given that the semiconductor industry won’t be the only one navigating labor shortages, anyone interested in research and new solutions for closing essential skills gaps should explore these insights. Read on for more on how industries can identify transferable skills and upskill to move into roles rapidly rising in prevalence.

Succession planning: How to identify potential and nurture future leaders

Heidrick Navigator, The Josh Bersin Company, and Eightfold AI experts discuss how to transform succession planning from a manual, moment-in-time process into a dynamic mapping of talent to an organization’s long-term goals. 

Modern succession planning must be top-of-mind year-round to keep up with changing landscapes as well as emerging and declining roles. It also helps organizations empower employees to own their upskilling and career mobility journeys while infusing talent intelligence into succession planning by considering competencies, adjacencies, and potential.

The future of work: Eightfold AI’s 2022 Talent Survey

We surveyed over 250 HR leaders and nearly 1,000 employees for a fresh understanding of the post-pandemic workforce. We found that current HR processes aren’t aligned with the needs of recruiters, talent leaders, and employees.

The survey uncovered what stops people from applying for jobs, that not all internal employees are given equal opportunities for advancement, and that most talent leaders will increase their use of AI in the next year.

Read on for more of the significant challenges talent leaders face, and solutions to improve how to attract, retain, and support top talent needs.

Putting data at the center of talent decisions

For organizations to thrive in the digital age, they must better understand the skills and potential they have with their people while upgrading their tech stacks. In this conversation with Eightfold AI’s former Head of Insights and Analytics, Hicham Zahr, he emphasizes the importance of talent intelligence, which uses technology and data to make more informed talent decisions. Additionally, he said that organizations will need to create a solid job architecture and implement strategic workforce planning to succeed. 

Zahr also highlights the importance of upskilling and reskilling in retaining tech talent and addressing employee concerns about job security during digital transformation. Don’t miss one of our most popular podcast interviews from The New Talent Code.

What tech layoffs mean for the labor market at large

In this eye-opening Q&A with Eightfold’s Chief Economist, Sania Khan, she explains the labor market implications of the recent tech layoffs. Despite the headlines, Khan said that those impacted by layoffs in tech should be able to find work again quickly — especially if they look outside the tech industry — given the market’s demand for workers, particularly those with technical skills. 

Using Eightfold Talent Insights data, Khan explained the implications for women and other underrepresented groups, including those reliant on work visas. Read the article for more on Khan’s predictions about the anticipated 2023 recession. 

Josh Bersin: The future workforce will be driven by talent intelligence

In this podcast episode, HR industry expert Bersin shares how HR leaders can better use talent within their organizations, particularly in the current economy. To do so, he said that organizations should put together HR processes like recruiting, reskilling, retention, and re-engineering into an interlocked unit supported by a talent intelligence system. This systemic approach to HR will facilitate better decision-making and allow the HR function to move toward a more consultative, design-focused role that will produce better outcomes for the entire organization.

3 ways to rethink your succession planning strategy

Organizations can improve succession planning by prioritizing diversity and inclusion, focusing on skills development, and embracing agility and adaptability. This article features a fresh perspective and insights to bring succession planning into any modern talent strategy from Eightfold AI’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jason Cerrato, and Maria Howard, Partner and General Manager, Heidrick Digital. From targeted recruitment and development efforts to an approach based on skills, not titles, these tactics will help any organizations become more agile when it comes to succession planning.

Secrets to prevailing during the Great Resignation

While the Great Resignation could probably win an award for the most-used phrase in 2022, the phenomenon really did keep talent leaders up at night. Since the height of resignations, quit rates have slightly cooled, but keeping top talent and providing an irresistible employee experience remain high priorities for leaders in 2023. In this webinar, Kathi Enderes, Senior VP of Research from The Josh Bersin Company, reveals several solutions for building relationships between employees and an organization built to last. 

Improving DEI through skill-based talent decisions

In this podcast episode, Joshua Bellis, the Global TA Programs Lead and Head of America’s Recruitment at PTC, offers practical advice on effectively addressing DEI at scale. Takeaways include sharing the responsibility of advancing diversity initiatives across the organization, understanding the available market and levers for hiring diverse candidates, and considering transferable skills rather than traditional qualifications. Listen to the entire conversation for one of the most compelling talks on DEI and skills from the year.

A guide to deep-learning AI

Enjoy this easy-to-read overview of deep-learning AI and its importance in HR platforms driven by talent intelligence. Our guide explains true deep-learning AI and how it makes the HR platform intelligent by identifying the best-fit candidates with the skills and capabilities for roles. A true talent intelligence platform should highlight future skills needs, and reduce unconscious bias in hiring and promotion processes, furthering any organization’s DEI best practices.

Say hello to IX: A new platform experience designed with a people-first approach

IX is the new and improved intelligent experience coming soon from Eightfold. With this newly designed user experience, talent professionals can easily search for candidates based on skills, experiences, and career goals, and even collaborate with their teams to make the perfect hire. IX will also help retain top employees by providing personalized career development plans and opportunities. Built with customer feedback, this newly reimagined platform will be more insightful, easy, dynamic, and fun. Read all about the updates from Eightfold President Kamal Ahluwalia, and get ready to say hello to Eightfold XI in early 2023. 

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