August 20, 2018

For Eightfold’s CEO, Optimizing the US Labor Market is a Personal Passion

One of the reasons is making such significant waves in the talent and HR community is that its founders have a passion for the unique features of the American labor market and what it can offer. Nowhere else is such high quality talent concentrated in one country—which is why it’s no surprise immigrants including Eightfold CEO and founder Ashutosh Garg have come to the US to make the most of their talents.

We’re thrilled that Ashutosh was recently able to relate his life story to Thrive Global, including how his own immigrant experience has meshed with his expertise in Machine Learning to help produce Eightfold’s AI and Machine Learning driven tools to close the talent gap. For Ashutosh and everyone at Eightfold, the US is the arena where the world’s top talent can make the most of its abilities, and Eightfold is working to make that talent as accessible as possible to firms that need it to drive the world’s innovation.

We invite you to read the full interview with Ashutosh, and also to learn more about how Eightfold is using advanced technologies including AI and Machine Learningto make the process of hiring more effective than ever.