September 10, 2020

Seven of the Many Reasons to Come Work at Eightfold India

It’s not often that you can join a fast-growing company with a mission like this: to enable the right career for everyone in the world.

Well, that is our inspiring mission at Eightfold. We have built a platform for companies to use talent intelligence to improve every aspect of the way they manage people.

Our 50-person team in India works daily not just with our colleagues in Silicon Valley, California, but with customers in every corner of the globe.

Some of the many advantages of working here: 

  • We breathe our values. Our founders talk about “Extreme Ownership” and you see it in action every day here. You get to put your ideas into practice.
  • A focus on career growth. We’re moving fast. You’re always able to learn new skills and new, career-changing applications like the Talent Exchange we put together this year to help laid-off workers.
  • Our pay is competitive. We hire the best and pay them commensurate with that.
  • We recognize and celebrate great performances. You don’t feel unappreciated by your co-workers and customers at Eightfold.
  • Multiple learning opportunities. We use our own Platform! Our Project Marketplace enables you to pursue projects that add to your skills portfolio.
  • You’ll work with the best minds in the industry. Prominent human-resources consultant Josh Bersin says Eightfold has some of the smartest engineers. Our company leaders hold multiple patents and are among the world’s most accomplished AI experts. 
  • We have fun. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Right now, everyone’s remote. But, we have plenty of opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and have a good time. Surprising our employees with doorstep gifts during this work-from-home phase is our way.  

The virus impacted everyone, us included. But we didn’t give up, and just redoubled our efforts to provide the best careers to everyone. We kept hiring, and still are.

Working at Eightfold includes strong medical and parental benefits; a schedule that focuses on doing great work and enjoying it, not when/where you work; strong IT infrastructure; and remote-office assistance.

But most of all, it’s the excitement that surrounds our work that’s the best thing about Eightfold. When you come here, you’ll participate in Hackathons to brainstorm new products and features that will help companies hire and manage people better. You’ll work with a high-caliber team, and have people to mentor you. 

Eightfold celebrated the one-year anniversary of its India office this summer. See what’s available to join us as we grow even faster in the coming years.