The fifth P and the employer brand

The fifth P and the employer brand

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Raj Dev is the head of talent at Credit Sesame. He’s built dominant talent teams there and at multiple other organizations, and he writes thoughtful, practical posts on how to enhance talent management for businesses of all sizes and markets.

His posts frequently address the same issues that led us to create Eightfold. And, yes, he’s mentioned us from time to time. His August 27 post, HR 101: The 4Ps of a Talent Attracting Brand, delivers some powerful insights for organizations seeking to make themselves that place where people want to work.

His basic premise is that organizations must cultivate an exceptional employer brand to become a destination employer. The usual branding attributes apply – authenticity, consistency, and commitment.

However, in Dev’s model, this type of branding carries additional requirements. Hence the 4Ps in the title of his post:

  • Paycheck – Make sure candidates and employees are getting what they need
  • People – Show them a workplace they want to join
  • Product – A great product means winning more talent
  • Purpose – Give meaning to work

We think these insights are fantastic. We also respectfully would like to add a fifth:

  • Platform – The data-driven means to support these values throughout the organization and infuse them across management, staff, and alumni, both internally and externally

A data-driven platform provides the tools to unify these abstract ideals into practical, applicable policies and procedures throughout the organization. It also creates the systems that find top talent faster and sign them before the competition, as well as retain valued employees before they become tempted to jump to greener pastures elsewhere.

More critically, a fully developed platform for talent management and employer brand creates a positive, self-sustaining lifecycle experience for employees. These good vibes begin even before the candidate’s first contact with the organization, helping attract talent based on the organization’s reputation as a great place to work.

The challenge with this platform is that it has to unify disconnected recruiting, hiring, and HR systems and resources into a common framework. It has to do so in a manner that’s easy to implement and maps cleanly to existing workflows. Critically, it also has to handle massive amounts of data, producing useful results across multiple needs with near-instant results.

That’s why we built our Talent Intelligence Platform around a powerful, purpose-built artificial intelligence system. The AI is the only efficient means to convert all this data into fast, accurate matches between open positions and candidates with the skills to fill them successfully. It also generates real-time monitoring for talent management that makes it possible to turn the 4Ps from abstract concepts into goal-driven corporate results.

We talk a lot about what Eightfold’s solution does. Dev’s post illustrates that it’s equally important to focus on how an organization tackles that challenge. It takes a concrete foundation to turn the abstractions of the 4Ps into reality. That’s where the Talent Intelligence Platform comes to the fore.

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