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Faster time to candidate interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all your open roles

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Reduction in cost to actually hire

Use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested candidates in your talent network

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Reduction in regrettable attrition

Uncover and engage at-risk employees to avoid attrition

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Improvement in candidate relevance

Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their capabilities

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Provide career paths, not just a job
Your people are your future, and they’re leaving

The best employees are quitting at higher rates than ever. Each empty chair is just one more to fill, and creates a gaping hole in revenue, delivery, and service.

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Encourage internal mobility
Retain employees 25% longer with Eightfold

Millennials crave careers, not job hopping. Eightfold provides career planning, internal mobility, and timely interventions to keep your top people longer.

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Diversity Dashboard
Become proud of your progress on diversity

Despite your best efforts, chances are your diversity numbers have hardly budged. Eightfold embeds diversity into your entire talent strategy, with built-in reporting and accountability.

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A single place for action on talent
Talent strategy is everyone’s business

Your people are your company. Without the best way to engage, hire, and develop your workforce, your company won’t go anywhere. Talent isn’t just a priority for HR or recruiters, it’s your priority too.

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Acquisition, retention and diversity on one platform
Deliver a winning talent strategy with Eightfold AI

Eightfold delivers significant ROI with higher retention, faster hiring, and greater diversity, powered by the world’s first AI Talent Intelligence Platform. Talent strategy is your competitive advantage. Deliver it with Eightfold.

Talent Intelligence Platform
The path to Enterprise enlightenment is here.

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform empowers modern companies to address their urgent talent challenges with improved candidate discovery, unprecedented efficiency, and a revolutionary candidate experience.

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