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It’s time for effective action on diversity

Bring process and accountability to your company’s talent practices

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Faster time to candidate interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all your open roles

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Reduction in cost to actually hire

Use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested candidates in your talent network

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Reduction in regrettable attrition

Uncover and engage at-risk employees to avoid attrition

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Improvement in candidate relevance

Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their capabilities

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Prevent unconscious biases
Actions speak louder than words

Diversity and inclusion have been top-of-mind for years, yet most companies have seen little progress. Even with the best intentions, companies have not yet found the actions that make a difference.

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Turn policy into results
Increase applications & hiring of women up to 50%

Using the Talent Intelligence Platform, Eightfold customers see the share of woman applicants rise by up to 50%, and hiring of women increase by up to 19%.

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Masked screening of resumes
Prevent bias with candidate masking

Unconscious biases hurt the chances of diverse candidates. Candidate Masking hides personal information from hiring managers so only skills and qualifications are considered.

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Diversity Analytics
Stay accountable with real-time diversity analytics

Built-in dashboards provide complete diversity information across the hiring funnel, creating true accountability at the corporate and individual level.

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Give every person the confidence to succeed

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform shows every applicant why their skills fit a role, providing an equal footing that reduces self-disqualification. The platform shows every employee what their career options and next steps can be. This inclusive approach brings in and retains more diverse talent.

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Reveal and remove bias and improve diversity

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