Eightfold AI Finds People for Hard-to-Fill Roles
Eightfold AI Finds People for Hard-to-Fill Roles.

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Eightfold AI
The age of talent frustration is past. The age of the Talent Intelligence Platform is here.

With the transformational power of Eightfold, companies can finally pursue a comprehensive talent strategy. AI insights show employees how to grow within a company, so they’re more likely to stay and thrive. Potential-based hiring increases diversity and shows every employee why they belong.

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Talent Intelligence
Talent Acquisition, Management, Diversity and Candidate Experience on one Platform

Our Technology

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Positions Filled per Recruiter

UIPath increased by 50% the number of positions filled per recruiter per quarter

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Increased the Hiring of Women

Tata Communications increased the hiring of women 19% with Eightfold

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Increased Campaign Open Rate

Nutanix increased its open rate for targeted campaigns by 70%


Our Customers
Who’s managing their talent transformation with AI?
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Talent Intelligence

Explore our Talent Intelligence Platform

The Path to Enterprise Enlightenment is Here with Eightfold
Talent Acquisition

Source, engage & hire for every role with one global solution

Talent Diversity

Reveal & remove the sources of bias and accelerate your diversity imperative

Talent Management

Reward employees with career paths, not just a job

Talent Experience

Attracts top candidates with a transparent & personalized experience

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What we believe
Resumes are inadequate. Job descriptions are worse

Why hire for modern jobs with 500 year old methods? They are often wrong, they create bias, and they rarely predict success.

Re-imagine your Talent Acquisition >

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We also believe
People don’t leave a company to do the same work at their next role

Talented employees want to grow, and companies need to be able to provide next steps in their career paths.

Proactively Deliver Career Options >

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You can’t hire your way out of poor retention

Match open jobs to best-fit candidates and all eligible employees. A comprehensive talent pool on one platform.

Rethink your Talent Management Strategy >

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More importantly
Diversity and Inclusion are in focus, are you in control?

The number one excuse for not being more diverse is “we looked and could not find enough diverse candidates”. Eightfold AI can solve this problem.

The Path to Diversity and Inclusion begins Here >

Talent Intelligence PlatformTM
People Are Your Greatest Asset

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence PlatformTM empowers modern companies to address their urgent talent challenges with improved candidate discovery, unprecedented efficiency, and a revolutionary candidate experience.

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“The Talent Intelligence Platform has allowed us to rethink our organizational structure & improve our operating efficiency”
– Brian Ferguson, Head of Talent Acquisition, WP Engine