Career Sites

New content management systems make it easy for companies to manage their career sites. Most importantly, artificial intelligence provides an amazing experience for candidates.

Career Hub

Every employee should be on equal footing when it comes to learning opportunities, internal mobility, and the chance to find a mentor. There’s now an answer to that: “career hubs.”

Upskilling and Reskilling

Being able to move the right people into the right roles based on their capabilities gives companies a real advantage.

The Capability Matrix

Moving from skills to capabilities changes the way talent is deployed, and it increases the talent pool. Companies can grow faster and hire, promote, and handle internal mobility and succession with confidence. Deep-learning AI is what makes it possible.

Project Marketplace

With Project Marketplaces, employees browse for internal projects. AI matches employees to projects based on employees’ capabilities, their interests, and the needs of a project. Managers use the same AI to find capable internal employees instead of going externally.

Contingent Work

Contingent Workforce Video

The process of managing temporary, contract, interim, seasonal, and other contingent workers is highly inefficient. AI can change this.

Talent Management

Talent Management Video

How AI can improve internal mobility, succession planning, and retention. Give your employees the tools to upskill and grow.

Talent Diversity

Talent University Channel 4: Diversity

By anonymizing people in the hiring process, and providing analytics about where people are not progressing, AI can greatly improve diversity.

Talent Acquisition

Talent University Chapter 3: Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition departments can use AI to surface the right people for a job using a diverse network of past applicants, employee referrals, new applicants, and former employees.