Upskilling and Reskilling

Upskilling and Reskilling

Being able to move the right people into the right roles based on their capabilities gives companies a real advantage.

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Upskill and reskill

Every company is changing its business, moving into new areas, trying to keep up.

And talent is a huge part of this shift.

The companies that are agile will win, and AI can help.

The best employers use AI platforms to view the capabilities of their workforce. Talent leaders can see how their workforce measures up to competitors. And, the talent-management team can see who in their network, whether it is an employee, past employee, past applicant, or a contingent worker, has the potential to move into new, emerging growth areas for the company.

Meanwhile, for employees, they use “career planners.” The career planner is a portal where employees can input the jobs they aspire to, and see what capabilities they need to move into new roles. Then, they can take relevant, recommended courses to add to their skill sets.

Or, employees can take on projects. AI can match employees with short-term projects. The projects help them sharpen their skills, and add the capabilities they need to move to new internal roles.

Let’s take an example. A healthcare company wants to increase the percentage of its business that’s focused on telehealth. First, it can use AI to see if the capabilities it needs are currently found in its own workforce. Then, it can see how this set of capabilities compares to its top competitors. It can determine if a competitor is more prepared for the future of work in the healthcare industry.

From there, the company can match up employees from other parts of the business with roles in the growing telehealth business. Its employees can see what courses they need to get up to speed, based on the capabilities that are needed. Employees can take on projects to add skills as well.

And, the company can look at its network, such as past applicants, or past employees, or contingent workers, and see who has the capabilities needed as it expands the growing parts of its business.
Being able to move the right people into the right roles based on their capabilities gives companies a real advantage.

This advantage can only be unlocked by using the most advanced artificial intelligence, with a deep understanding of millions of skills and capabilities.

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